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Congratulations!  You've arrived at the most experienced auto valuation website in the country.

The Automobile Red Book has been producing comprehensive, accurate automotive guidebooks since 1911.  We've been there through the ups and downs of the automobile business, fluctuations in our economy, and the best and worst times in our nation's history.

We continue to be here today for all your specification and valuation needs.  As you access this site, keep in mind that this is a labor of love for our staff.  We love cars and trucks.  We love serving our customers.  And we love preserving the history and integrity of The Automoible Red Book.

We are proud that you have chosen autoredbook.com as your source for accurate, timely vehicle information.  And we look forward to continuing to provide our service and expertise for years to come.


The Employees of the Automobile Red Book

Auto Red Book offers 20 years of automobile and light truck identification and values containing 40 more models than our competition. 
  • VIN Identifiers
  • Mileage
  • Options
  • Factory SRP
  • GVWs
  • Regional Classifications
We now offer this data via
  • Internet
  • Printed Books
  • Data Extracts

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LSV Blue Book offers 10 years of values and vehicle identification information for more than 20 of the industry’s top manufacturers. With more than 425 different models in the inaugural edition, the LSV Blue Book is already the largest pricing guide for Low Speed Vehicles in the world. Each listing includes:
  • VIN Identifiers
  • Factory SRP
  • # of Passengers
  • Curb Weight
  • Alternative package values
We are a vehicle data supplier providing valuation and identification information professionally since 1911. Our data powers hundreds of custom software programs and helps facilitate approximately 50,000,000 transactions each year. Our professional customers include lenders, insurance companies, taxing/licensing jurisdictions and dealers.